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1999 - Education Awards - Beautification & Landscaping - The University of Oklahoma


The University's chant describes "a campus beautiful by day and night," but that's not exactly how you would have described patches of Oklahoma Bermuda, ugly bicycle racks and the ragged flowerbeds which marked the Norman campus prior to 1995. It was then that President David Boren and his wife Molly arrived with a spectacular vision for OUincluding giving the university its own "central park." With Molly Boren as their cheerleader, the OU landscape department set out to create it.

The result has been a nearly unbelievable makeover! Today, you'll find new gardens, sculptures, 232 new benches, thousands of new trees, historical markers on buildings, crimson phone booths, a 2500 square foot Italian fountain and tons of Stigler stone. The incredible changes to the campus have many layers of benefits. The aesthetic benefits are obvious. The gorgeous campus is a boon to student and donor recruiting. But the Borens feel probably the greatest benefit is educational. OU students will understand the importance of beautiful greenspaces and will feel more inclined to work for and protect them wherever they might live in the world. THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA - BEAUTIFUL BY DAY AND NIGHT AND CERTAINLY GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA'S ENVIRONMENT!