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1999 - Education Awards - Environmental Improvement - Dustin Public Schools


Dustin is a small rural community located in the Creek nation of eastern Oklahoma and has population of about 550. Dustin School, grades K-12 is comprised of only 153 students. Starting in November of 1998, the school's science teacher, Jennifer Watson Marlow initiated a community-wide paper recycling program that's had remarkable results. In an area without any local recycling programs, facilities or incentive, the program has already diverted more than five tons of waste paper from the landfill to the Ft. James Paper Company saving waste disposal costs and preserving resources.

Other lasting effects of the program will be to teach children the importance of recycling and waste reduction, create a school and community atmosphere that facilitates recycling and change lifestyle habits to include environmental awareness. The project so far has elicited the cooperation of a multitude of agencies, local businesses, community volunteers and of course Dustin students. DUSTIN PAPER RECYCLING - A FINE FINE EXAMPLE OF GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA'S ENVIRONMENT!