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1999 - Government Awards - Environmental Improvement - Johnston County


Since the day they were sworn into action on June 23, 1997, the volunteer citizens of the Johnston County Solid Waste Trust Authority and their fearless leader Juanita Hackbarth, (a woman who simply doesn't know the meaning of the word "no") have stormed the county's illegal dumping problems with the zeal of highly trained soldiers.

They started their assault with the building of one lonesome convenience center, a designated site to which county residents could take their bulky disposables. Today Johnston County has 10 such sites, thanks to the "authority" and the persistence of "General Hackbarth."

Poster contests for the kids, environmental awareness educational sessions for the general public, letter writing campaigns and the gentle persuasion of local businesses to cooperate in the efforts are all effective weapons in this regiment's arsenal. In just more than two years, the volunteers have made a squeaky clean difference in Johnston County. Salute the General and give the credit to hard work and a desire to make life better. THE VOLUNTEERS OF THE JOHNSTON COUNTY SOLID WASTE TRUST AUTHORITY ARE INCREDIBLY GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA'S ENVIRONMENT!