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1999 - Individual Achievement Awards - Education & Promotion - Sharon Robbins


Sharon Robbins works for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality out of the Miami field office. Her supervisor, Clyde Mason, notes that she's a true professional and always performs above what is expected. But she went off the charts when, on her own initiative, she developed a simple educational program for use in elementary schools and gave Miami, Oklahoma the WORRD. W. O. R. R. D. stands for WASTE OBSERVANT: REUSE AND RECYCLE DAILY.

The concept is very simple which probably explains its incredible success: Promote solid waste awareness through a campaign where adults sign a pledge stating that they will be waste observant through daily reuse and recycling. After classroom discussions, a top ten list is prepared of ideas on how to reuse and recycle. Students then take what they have learned and talk to adults, asking for their pledge to be waste observant; to get their WORRD on it. Kids don't have to collect anything but signatures. Local merchants provide prizes to the top collectors. Responses to Sharon Robbins' WORRD program have been nothing but positive in the schools in the community and throughout the OK DEQ, where the program has begun to catch fire. WITH A GREAT IDEA, SHARON ROBBINS IS FRESH, GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA'S ENVIRONMENT!