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1999 - Individual Achievement Awards - Environmental Improvement - Officer Don Prickett


If there were 77 Don Pricketts in Oklahoma, we'd have the cleanest state in the nation! Deputy Sheriff Don Prickett began his career as a Trash Cop in December of 1997, when Payne County received an Environmental Compliance Office Program grant . As of February of this year, Officer Pricket has located more than 1,000 illegal dumps and so far more than 75% have been cleaned up. He's issued about a hundred citations for which offenders have been jailed or fined - and the total of fines is reaching nearly to an amazing $15,000!

He has the complete support of the County Commissioners, the DA's office, the district judges and the county sheriff. Officer Prickett is on the job wherever he goes talking to the public about keeping our county dumps cleaned up and cautioning college students, as well as all county citizens, about the problems and the risk factors involved with illegal dumping (not to mention the fines and the community service!). Prickett was the first recipient of Payne County's Volunteer of the Year award and his picture hangs in the first floor of the courthouse. One County Commissioner said that every time she walks by Don's picture she thinks about "Keeping Oklahoma Beautiful." KOB IS PROUD TO PUT HIS PICTURE IN OUR HALL OF FAME - DON PRICKETT IS WONDERFULLY GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA'S ENVIRONMENT!