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1999 - Nonprofit Organization Awards - Education & Promotion - Keep Edmond Beautiful


As the city of Edmond was getting ready to begin its citywide recycling program, Keep Edmond Beautiful felt that a recycling mascot would be the best way to teach people about recycling and entertain them at the same time. A mascot idea contest was held for Edmond 2nd and 3rd graders and more than 300 entries were received. RECYCLING BEN was the wining entry and it came from 2nd grader Diane Endicott. Her drawing became a professionally designed mascot that has since become very popular and an amazingly effective teaching tool.

"Ben" is a frequent guest at Edmond schools and makes many appearances at civic events. At "Operation Clean Streets," Edmond's annual clean up day, Recycling Ben reminds everyone of the importance of recycling and beautification. He calls attention to environmental issues. Recycling Ben has inspired several Edmond schools to start recycling programs of their own. Keep Edmond Beautiful is a relatively small group of dedicated volunteers whose mascot concept has intensified their message and helped them to be even more effective. RECYCLING BEN AND KEEP EDMOND BEAUTIFUL - GOOD NEWS IN A GOOD COSTUME!