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2000 - Business Award - Environmental Improvement - Phillips Petroleum Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Phillips Petroleum Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Group

The Eliza Creek picnic area in Bartlesville was covered in Bermuda grass and was something of a desert within the Phillips research complex...until the “Wild Bunch” took over. This team of Phillips employees and community volunteers converted Eliza Creek into a habitat for butterflies, hummingbirds, and other birds. They killed off all of the Bermuda grass, no easy feat. They brought in rocks and dug a water seep to provide a water source for the wildlife. They planted wildflowers to attract butterflies and birds. The “Wild Bunch” turned Eliza Creek into a successful new habitat. In fact, it was so successful that in November of 1999, Eliza Creek received official certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Work continues on new sites at the research complex, but meanwhile at Eliza Creek, bird boxes attract bluebirds; wildflowers attract butterflies; and Phillips Petroleum is fulfilling a long-standing company philosophy to provide “thoughtful environmental stewardship...and environmental education...to the community.” PHILLIPS PETROLEUM’S “WILD BUNCH” IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENT!