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2000 - Enivronmental Merit Award - Neill Cattle Company

Left to Right: DeeAnn & Joe Neill, the Hon. Brian Griffin (Secretary of Environment), Dan Perrish (Division Director fo OK Department of Agriculture/Water Quality) and Michelle Sutton (Water Quality Relations Goernment Specialist).
Most businesses are careful to operate within regulatory and legal guidelines – in fact; they employ a person or staff for that purpose. Then there are those uncommon businesses and industries that make the choice to go above and beyond what is required. The Neill Cattle Co. is one such business in Oklahoma.

Owners Joe and Dee Ann Neill have demonstrated an exemplary commitment both to the cattle industry and to environmental quality. They have spent more than $1.1 million on industry innovations that protect the environment. Their methods have attracted visiting ranchers, international interests and students. The Neill’s welcome that interest – even provide tours of their ranch operations.

For making environmentally sound choices, for serving as a model for the cattle industry and for demonstrating that environmental investment can be good for business, the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful board has established an Award of Environmental Merit and the Neill Cattle Company of Welch, Oklahoma is its first recipient.