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2000 - Exceptional Merit Awards - Beautification & Landscaping - Ketih, Mary & Sabrina Huitt

At the east end of downtown Wynnewood, visitors and residents used to be greeted by a dark and neglected Flag Plaza which had become overgrown with weeds. Keith Huitt and his family decided that this was not a fitting tribute to the veterans honored there, and they adopted the Flag Plaza as their own personal project. The Huitts removed and repaired benches in the Flag Plaza. They replaced the tattered flags and worked with the city to repair the Plaza lighting, so the flags would no longer be flying in the dark. Experienced gardeners themselves, the Huitts weeded and replanted the Plaza with flowers, shrubs, and grasses appropriate for the area. With the initial planting completed, the Huitts continued to donate their time to mow, weed, and maintain the Flag Plaza. The Flag Plaza is now a source of pride and inspiration for the residents of Wynnewood. It is a focal point for Christmas decorations, and high school students even use the area as a backdrop for their Christmas Ball photos. KEITH HUITT AND HIS FAMILY ARE GROWING GOOD NEWS FOR WYNNEWOOD’S ENVIRONMENT!