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2000 - Exceptional Merit Awards - Education & Promotion - Oklahoma City Beautiful

Oklahoma City Beautiful believes in positive reinforcement. Each month, they reward individuals and businesses for their beautification efforts in the city, especially those areas that are most in need of improvement. Each winner receives an attractive wooden sign, placed in front of the home or business, and there it remains for the entire month, encouraging others to beautify their property also. Plus, OKC Beautiful has involved area schools by implementing the School Beautiful program. Program volunteers produced an interactive skit, which they perform at school assemblies. Watching the skit, students boo when “Larry the Litterbug” throws trash onto “Darlin’Daisy.” The trash wilts Daisy, and the students cheer when Larry promises to stop littering. The children themselves promise not to litter and to spread the message to others. Finally, students raise funds for beautifying their own schools. KEEPING OKLAHOMA CITY BEAUTIFUL IS DEFINITELY GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT!