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2000 - Government Award - Beautification & Landscaping - Oklahoma State Parks

In Oklahoma’s 50 state parks, the trees were in trouble: we were losing our native and natural trees. Funds for replacement trees were very limited, but something had to be done. Oklahoma State Parks took the initiative and began the Reforestation and Beautification Project. This plan provides replacement trees in a very cost-effective manner --- because they grow the trees themselves. Oklahoma State Parks established three half-acre tree farm nurseries, in Osage, Caddo, and McIntosh Counties.

Last spring, tree farm soil was prepared and students and local volunteers – all of whom were recruited to the service by Oklahoma State Parks, planted 1,500 seedlings. Three years from now, the first of these new trees will be transplanted into their permanent homes in Oklahoma State Parks. And for the rest of their lives, those students and volunteers will have developed a new respect and love for trees. TREE FARM NURSERIES ARE GREAT NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S STATE PARKS!