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2000 - Individual Achievement Award - Education & Promotion - Carolyn Matthews

At Glenpool Middle School, Carolyn Mathews’ job is maintaining the media center, but that’s just the beginning of what Carolyn does. She also organizes and oversees a successful recycling program at the school. To help make Glenpool citizens more aware of the need to conserve natural resources, she created a program exploring the human population explosion, and she was the driving force behind storm drain stenciling in Glenpool. Her 6th and 7th grade students studied the River Parks system and learned that an entire community must work together to manage the environment.

That’s the message that she carries with her always, and her sphere of influence continues to grow. More storm drains need to be stenciled; more items need to be recycled; and more middle schoolers will cross her path next year. For the influence she exerts and the many programs she carries out, CAROLYN MATHEWS IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT!