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2000 - Individual Achievement Award - Environmental Improvement - Jana Shafer

You’ve heard about the good news happening in Newkirk. Their Junior Main Street group is very active, weeding and planting downtown, maintaining window displays in vacant buildings, washing and waxing outdoor sculptures, and just picking up trash around the city. The driving force behind this bustling junior group is their sponsor: Jana Shafer. Jana encouraged her students to enter the Trash Poster Contest, and all four who entered won first or second place on the regional level. She helped her students as they prepared Operation Clean Sweep, the event that paired kids with adults for the week of litter clean-up. She helped her students get ready for the daunting task of speaking to groups to recruit them for Operation Clean Sweep.

Jana leads by example, taking part in all of the activities that she asks her students to enter into. She inspires her students to accept responsibility for their environment and instills in them a strong sense of community service. For helping to build a new generation of environmental stewards, JANA SHAFER IS VERY GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT!