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2000 - Media Award - Print Media - Stillwater National Press

The Stillwater News Press has delivered excellent coverage of waste management issues for Payne County. Editorials and ads have discussed the litter problem and reminded citizens about opportunities for cleaning it up. Year-round, articles in the paper discuss neighborhood clean-ups and recycling programs. By far, however, the greatest number of articles in recent times have chronicled the progress of Payne County’s trash cop program. When the county studied the need for a trash cop, the paper reported it. When the trash cop was hired, News Press readers were introduced to him in an article. When the Trash Cop program succeeded in reducing illegal dumping in Payne County by 80% in its first year, the News Press shouted the good news from the rooftops.

And, sadly in a recent editorial, the Stillwater News Press paid tribute one last time to Mr. Don Prickett, the trash cop who was an honored guest here just last year. When he passed away in May, the state lost a great trash cop. But his legacy will live on because so many people knew of his good works by reading the paper. THE STILLWATER NEWS PRESS PRINTS AND DELIVERS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT!