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2000 - Nonprofit Organization Award - Education & Promotion - Solid Waster Institute of Northeas

Solid Waste Institute of Northeast Oklahoma
The Solid Waste Institute of Northeast Oklahoma has a powerful message: Let’s not waste our land. The Institute covers an area of 9,000 square miles, and annually, nearly a half million tons of trash will be generated by the residents. Unfortunately, too many people in the area dispose of their trash in unacceptable and illegal ways--burning trash in barrels near their homes, burying it too close to drinking water wells, or simply dumping it along rural roadsides.

The Institute has undertaken an aggressive environmental education program, including interactive lessons in schools and programs delivered to civic organizations and other groups of adults. They have produced an informative video that is often used to focus discussions on the problems and solutions of improper waste disposal in rural areas. Their message is being received. Each county in the area now has a “trash cop,” and through education and enforcement, the waste disposal problems are getting solved. THE SOLID WASTE INSTITUTE OF NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT