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2000 - Youth Award - 12-18 Years Old - Hobart Trash Container Project

When the Hobart Beautification Commission decided they wanted to involve school children in their efforts to clean up and beautify their town, it didn’t take long for the idea to catch on. Two Commission members started with the idea of putting out special trash containers. The Hobart Water Treatment Plant donated white water barrels, and the high school art teacher took on the project. Children in different youth groups around the city, middle school art students, and high school art students all received several barrels. Using their own designs, the students painted the barrels. Then the Beautification Commission placed the brand new, hand-painted trashcans all around Hobart.

Now there’s less litter in Hobart because people are using the new conveniently located containers. And even more importantly, Hobart students have learned a very valuable lesson in community pride. THE HOBART TRASH CONTAINER PROJECT IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT!