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2001 - Exceptional Merit Award - Individual Achievement/Beautification & Landscaping- Dwayne The

Calling Hooker’s Dwayne Theiner “remarkable and memorable,” an Arkansas judge of our competition went on to ask, “What kind of fuel does Mr. Theiner run on? I’d like a couple of gallons for every volunteer in our state!”

Dwayne’s love of landscaping has led him to quietly lend his strength and skills to every project of the parks committee in Hooker. For years, he has tirelessly transformed eyesores into inviting gardens and parks with his creativity and his hard labor.

It wasn’t long ago that the locals – ashamed by the years of neglect – denied the town even had parks, although it did. Now Hooker’s thriving parks truly are something to brag about. DWAYNE THEINER IS MOTHER NATURE’S VERY SPECIAL FRIEND AND GOOD NEWS FOR BEAUTIFUL PARKS IN OKLAHOMA!