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2001 - Exceptional Merit Award - Nonprofit Organizations/Beautication & Landscaping - The Tree B

We can thank The Tree Bank for a living legacy of nearly 50,000 trees valued at more than eight million dollars. By taking on 70 to 90 new projects a year since 1987, The Tree Bank and its partners have had a dramatic impact on the landscaping and beautification efforts of public lands throughout Central Oklahoma.

By making trees available to individuals and organizations for planting in public places, The Tree Bank has forged partnerships with groups ranging from correctional facilities and the Air National Guard to schools and the Girl Scouts with what the judges hailed as “impressive results.” Among those results are 60 “Leaf It To Me” school arboretums and taking a lead role in a municipal partnership with four communities whose trees were devastated in the big May 1999 tornado.

Also noted by the judges is the organization’s strong educational component which includes booklets, manuals and newsletters. There can be no doubt that THE TREE BANK HAS BRANCHED INTO GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S PUBLIC LANDS!