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2001 - Exceptional Merit Award - Nonprofit Organizations/Environmental Improvement - Ardmore Tigers

Imagine leaving your seat at a football stadium and not seeing any litter around you. That goal is being successfully met by the Ardmore Tigers Quarterback Club and volunteer stadium groundskeeper, Mita Bates, with their litter-free events.

Volunteers passed Keep America Beautiful litter bags down each row at the start of the fourth quarter at football games, the fans easily bagged their own trash with the filled bags gathered later for large commercial bins. The judges cheered the project as “a great idea that should work anywhere.”

In fact, the fans have so embraced the concept of litter-free events that a recent band contest was added to the mix and litter bags now are taken to “away” games to let Tiger fans police their seating area before leaving. For setting an example that leaves others astonished, and for dreaming of taking this project statewide, THE ARDMORE TIGERS QUARTERBACK CLUB IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT!