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2001 - Individual Achievement Award - Beautification & Landscaping - Tom Inman

As the Student Council and teachers of Lindsay High School note, sometimes we need to see familiar things through “new eyes” in order to awaken to the possibilities for improvement. Their new eyes came in 1998 in the form of a new principal, Tom Inman (pictured below).

Soon, lockers and restrooms were cleared of graffiti and attitudes about graffiti were topics of discussions with students. Fresh coats of paint, weeded flower beds, new benches, attractive landscaping and other improvements renewed and refreshed the 45-year-old school building and campus.

Tom Inman not only led these efforts, he also helped to establish a newly-built “Leopard Den” (pictured above), a welcomed place for students to hang out during free periods. A judge called him “a role model who obviously relates to and appreciates young people.”

Not only is the facility greatly improved, so are the attitudes, behavior and dress of the prideful students. TOM INMAN IS A PRINCIPLED MAN WHO IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENT!