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2001 - Nonprofit Organization Award - Education & Promotion - Eco-Motion

  Edison - the EcoMotion bus - is a mobile environmental classroom, filled with interactive displays for school children
Featuring a totally restored and revamped bus that was found in a farmer’s scrap pile, Eco-Motion is a mobile environmental program geared for children through the fifth grade.

OGE Energy Corp got the program rolling with both funding and volunteers, and Eco-Motion expects to serve over 5,000 children this year by bringing its field trip straight to schools, day care centers and special events throughout Oklahoma.

  Gina Lagaly, EcoMotion director, picked up the KOB Award of Excellence for the extraordinary & innovative educational project
The program meets or exceeds state standards for education and covers wildlife conservation, soil and water conservation, solid waste management, forestry and agriculture. It uses a mixture of activities that include interactive presentations at learning stations, a waste reduction competition, discussions and feedback.

Our judges hailed it as “An extremely creative way to educate through involvement – literally taking the program to students who might not be exposed to it any other way.”

The Eco-Motion program captures the hearts of today’s children and tomorrow’s parents AND IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S ENVIRONMENTAL FUTURE!