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2002 - Community Effort Award - Town of Hobart

Population: 2,000 - 10,000 - Town of Hobart

Built entirely with private funds from local businesses and citizens, the Hovaka Centennial Park in Hobart is a dramatically effective example of how a vacant lot can be turned into a proud jewel of the community. Hobart’s 100th birthday present to itself cost only $7,000, but will pay welcomed dividends for generations to come.

The Hobart Beautification Commission led the design and development efforts for this prime property across the street from Court House Square. The formerly empty lot now is populated with a dozen trees, a half-dozen handsome benches, shrubs, a manicured lawn of Bermuda grass, and many happy visitors.

For their vision, their donations of labor and money, and their skills as park creators, THE PEOPLE OF HOBART ARE GOOD NEWS - AND HAVE SET A GREAT EXAMPLE – FOR OKLAHOMA’S DOWNTOWN ENVIRONMENTS!