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2002 - Community Effort Award - Town of Meeker

Population up to 2,000 - Town of Meeker

What the town of Meeker may lack in population, it sure makes up for in vision and spirited support. The people of Meeker, under the leadership of Mayor Jim Wise, have taken the donation of the Meeker family’s original homestead site and have turned it into a beautifully landscaped park with a veteran’s memorial and colorful playground equipment.

Appropriately called the Meeker Homestead Park, it also features a bandstand, a monument, benches, a flagpole and a sidewalk paved with 645 engraved bricks honoring the many donors to the project. Meeker community volunteers provided much of the labor in an example our judges praised as “outstanding cooperation.”

For the use of beauty to honor former heroes and preserve community history, the MEEKER HOMESTEAD PARK IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE!