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2002 - Government Agency Award - Beautification & Landscaping - Oklahoma Department of Commerce

In order to see the results of the Oklahoma Community Development Project Program, you have to get off the interstates and take some back roads. Then you’ll see why the Oklahoma Department of Commerce is so excited about its fledgling five-year program of workshops, suggestions and award incentives aimed at Oklahoma’s smaller communities.

You’ll admire the new gateway signage, plantings and other improvements that clearly have a positive impact on how the citizens feel about their communities. In the years ahead, you’ll notice the new or enhanced parks, the biking paths and recreational facilities. You’ll appreciate the projects to restore and preserve historical sites that are important to the communities. And perhaps you’ll be among the visitors to the community events that will arise or be strengthened through the program.

For its innovative plan to help rural communities help themselves to beautify and restore themselves, THE OKLAHOMA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT PROGRAM IS A SIGNPOST OF GOOD NEWS FOR THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF ALL OKLAHOMANS!