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2002 - Government Program Award - Environmental Improvement - Incog

Praised by our judges for its creativeness and inventiveness, the Tulsa Commute Another Way Day garnered great public attention to the importance of alternative modes of transportation available to downtown workers. On a mid-June workday, Tulsa’s air quality and traffic congestion challenges were met by an eager array of bicyclists, walkers, skaters, carpoolers, bus riders and stay-at-home telecommuters.

Soft Oldies 94.1 broadcast live from downtown and gave away prizes to the alternative commuters who stopped by to enjoy a continental breakfast. Enrollment in the Rideshare carpooling program increased 10 percent and visits to the Tulsa Commuter Choice website boomed.

For driving home awareness to a myriad of ways for downtown commuters to help clear the air, TULSA’S COMMUTER CHOICE PROGRAM AND ITS COMMUTE ANOTHER WAY DAY IS GOOD NEWS FOR OKLAHOMA’S AIR QUALITY!