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2002 - Individual Achievement Award - Environmental Improvement - Buster Terry

Buster Terry has what most would consider to be an overwhelming job. He’s the one in charge of the appearance and safety of nearly 100 Oklahoma City school campuses. Between mowing cycles, ice removal and other regular major chores at each school, Buster somehow finds the time to do far, far more.

Working with the Oklahoma City Foundation’s Clean & Beautiful Schools program, he has been instrumental in establishing sound horticultural techniques for grounds upkeep, has advocated chemical safety and stormwater runoff programs, has supported efforts for litter-free campuses, and has improved playground safety. In the meantime, whenever a meeting is held anywhere that deals with school grounds, Buster invariably is there to answer questions and pledge his support.

Leading by example with his outstanding personal commitment, BUSTER TERRY IS GOOD NEWS FOR ATTRACTIVE AND SAFE SCHOOL LANDSCAPES IN OKLAHOMA CITY!