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2002 - Youth Awards - Ages 5-11 - Medford Kindergarten Class of 2001-2002

Take 18 adorable kindergarten kids, give them an outdoor classroom in need of loving care and attention, let them enlist scores of community volunteers for their Clean Team, and then have them show a full auditorium that “Every Day Is Earth Day” with songs and their own writings, and, well, you can’t help but be inspired.

“It’s never too early to make an environmental statement,” the judges said about the impressive yearlong activities of the Medford kindergarteners. A week of Earth Day activities was capped with their proud program of enthusiastic performances and from-the-heart messages.

When you’ve got a teacher like Carole Grover and a classroom of kids who know how to multiply their impact throughout their community, it’s no wonder the judges concluded LAST YEAR’S MEDFORD KINDERGARTEN CLASS IS GOOD NEWS FOR THE EARTH EVERY DAY IN OKLAHOMA!