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2003 - Team Builders Award - Sciencefest

The first-ever winner in our new "Team Builders" category represents an extremely successful collaboration between agencies, businesses and organizations that don't normally work side by side.

On Earth Day earlier this year, nearly five thousand fourth and fifth grade students and teachers from around the state converged on the Oklahoma City Zoo for ScienceFest, a celebration of the alternative fuels and advanced technologies that are changing the way we get around. The event featured about 30 activity stations, workshops, and a hands-on exhibit area so the students could participate in a variety of environmental games and activities.

Chaired by Jan L. Kunze ["KOON-zee"], a dozen sponsors lent their support, with OGE Energy Corp and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality providing more than 100 helpful volunteers.

The unqualified success of ScienceFest in reaching and engaging elementary school students is good news for Oklahoma's environmental future.