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2004 - Best First Effort in GAC™ in Oklahoma - Citizens for a Litter-Free Choctaw County

Choctaw County had a lot of ugly litter...I mean a LOT of ugly litter. Fortunately, Choctaw County also had five women who said "enough is enough!" They formed "Citizens for a Litter-Free Choctaw County" and went straight to work.

What the committee did was nothing short of incredible! They spearheaded a county-wide drive to become part of the Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma and stretch their one day litter cleanup into a 3-month beautification, litter abatement, environmental education campaign. This was the group's first year as part of the Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma - and what a rookie effort it was!

They held 36 events, signed up more than 900 volunteers who worked some 2400 hours in 16 communities, moving 89 tons of letter and debris out of Choctaw county! They rebuilt playgrounds, recycled aluminum collected clothing, held environmental education workshops and alerted the media every step of the way. Environmental public awareness was sky-high in Choctaw County this spring.

Congratulations to Citizens for a Litter Free Choctaw County - you were the best first effort in the 2004 Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma. Here all the way from HUGO - are Sheri Jeter and Wanda Dupler.