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2004 - Community Effort - Adrmore and its Tourism Authority

City of Ardmore - Population: 25,000-50,000

On August 7th, the largest gathering ever for a formal meal in Ardmore took place in the striking new facility that made the gathering possible - the Ardmore Convention Center. But even while the participants were celebrating its opening, plans were afoot to add to its already stunning landscaping, public art and water features.

A waterfall, meandering stream and a pond with three fountains is showcased at the main entrance to the center. Above the waterfall is "Freedom," a bronze sculpture, and the entry hall is home to an aerial sculpture of luminescent material that constantly changes as the air currents and lighting changes. Back outside, what originally was designated a detention pond has become a handsome water feature with a 15-foot fountain.

For its strong commitment by many facets of the community to improve the economy, enrich the cultural experience, and respect and beautify the environment, Ardmore and its Tourism Authority is gathering good news for Oklahoma.