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2004 - Community Effort - Town of Morrison

Town of Morrison - Population: 636

Imagine a place where two-thirds of the citizens not only know all about Arbor Day, but they also contribute to beautification efforts and attend a celebration of it. Your imagination has taken you to the very real town of Morrison - population 636 - a horticultural oasis on the edge of the prairie where every right-of-way is adorned with trees, flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses.

With the design help of Lou Anella from Oklahoma State University, Morrison recently turned an abandoned tract of land into a gorgeous arboretum and amphitheater that serves as a living laboratory for environmental education. This Tree City U.S.A. town also is busy creating an attractive community park for rest and recreation.

The judges hailed this as "a great town effort" and "a beautiful job"! We would add that the Town of Morrison is a beacon of good news for motivated communities throughout Oklahoma.