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2004 - Government Program - Environmental Improvement - Indian Nations Council of Governments, Tulsa

A great program concept mixed with exciting incentives was the recipe for success of the "Driving Towards Clean Air" program staged by INCOG ["IN-cog"], the Indian Nations Council of Governments in Tulsa. With the aim of changing driving behaviors to improve air quality, INCOG targeted teens in Driver's Ed knowing they would, in turn, influence peers, parents and faculty.

Two six-week carpool competitions among area high schools were combined with classes about air pollution and what could be done to improve air quality. Two winning schools each were awarded a new Toyota Prius Electric Hybrid Vehicle and 20 rebates of $2,000 towards the purchase of an EPA-designated "green vehicle."

One of our judges said, "I loved this innovative project that tugs at a teenager's driving habits." INCOG's "Driving Towards Clean Air" is steering young adults into making informed decisions about transportation choices and that is good news for Oklahoma.