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2004 - Nonprofit Organization Award - Environmental Improvement - Sustainable Stillwater

Sustainable Stillwater - Nonprofit (annual budget less than $100,000) Award for Environmental Improvement

Almost a year ago, the Stillwater Recycling Association decided it wanted to expand its scope to include community sustainability, connect people with others having the same goals, and serve as a key resource for environmental information. Since its evolution into what they named Sustainable Stillwater, the members have been very busy meeting the new, broader objectives.

A community forum it conducted lured not only interested citizens, but city leaders as well to participate in discussions led by diverse groups and interests. Sustainable Stillwater's monthly meetings are open forums and educational tours, and its members frequently volunteer their time to work with schools and scout troops on a variety of environmental projects.

We agree with the judges who hailed it as an excellent model for cash-strapped environmental organizations wishing to broaden their scope. For that reason, Sustainable Stillwater not only is wonderful for the future of its city, it is good news for volunteer groups all over Oklahoma.