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2005 - Community Effort - City of Ardmore

Representatives of the Ardmore Beautification Council and the City of Ardmore

Community Effort: Population 20,000 to 30,000 - City of Ardmore

When the planners of Ardmore’s Great American Cleanup set their sights last fall on nearby Lake Murray and said, “Let’s clean up the dam lake,” they didn’t get profane. They got busy!

You might expect a lake clean-up project to include removing trash from the shoreline and more than 50 volunteers of all ages did this wonderfully. But, just because litter can’t be seen under water doesn’t mean it’s not there, so with the help of scuba divers from Texas, a lot of submerged trash also was removed. 

Using nothing but donated manpower, materials and other resources, more than a ton of litter was removed from Lake Murray and the project holds great promise as an annual event. The area media even excitedly beat the drums with comprehensive coverage and encouragement for the volunteers. 

For its effective involvement of segments of the entire community and the surrounding area, the City of Ardmore’s pioneering “Clean up the Dam Trash!” is sparkling good news for the thousands of visitors to Oklahoma’s fresh water lakes.