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2005 - Exceptional Merit - Beautification & Landscaping - Oklahoma City Beautiful

Accepting for OKC Beautiful (L to R): Shanna Keith-Ward and Janie Deupree, also shown is KOB President-Elect Rick Ewing
Oklahoma City Beautiful is a true believer in the power of partnerships. Its skillful weaving of several collaborating organizations resulted in the installation of a significant landscape project at the east entrance of the historic Capitol Hill District.  

Using a generous grant from the Inasmuch Foundation, OKC Beautiful arranged for city approvals, secured professional landscape design with one company and worked out a two-year maintenance agreement with another. A local civic group, The Women of the South, stepped in to cover the expense of water and electricity and additional support is being provided by the Capitol Hill Business District.

The judges noted this was a large project with “beautiful, lasting results, showing a great cooperative effort.” OKC Beautiful’s ongoing Landscapes program is an ideal revitalization model and good news for Oklahomans wanting to build pride by sponsoring a public landscape improvement project.