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2005 - Exceptional Merit - Environmental Improvement - Oklahoma County District 2

Accepting for District 2L Brent Rinehart, District 2 County Commissioner

It’s not exactly a “take no prisoners” approach that’s being taken by Oklahoma County District 2 to take care of public works projects such as vegetation clearing, litter pick-up and weeding. In fact, the district judiciously uses 10 inmates daily to clean, beautify and make the county safer for its citizens.

A great by-product of the program is that inmates are acquiring valuable job skills by learning to use equipment required for the tasks. At a cost of less than $42 per inmate each month, the program makes impressive fiscal sense as well.

Our judges said this was good leverage of state resources for county work that goes beyond litter pick-up only. We’re captivated by this program and expect it to break out as a good news example for public works beautification efforts across Oklahoma.