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2005 - Government Program Award - Beautification & Landscaping - Carter County Health Department

Accepting for Carter County Health Department: Mendy Spahn
The Challenge in Ardmore was daunting. A former Winn-Dixie store was being converted into a spacious new home for the Carter County Health Department but the exterior was completely without any landscaping. By the time the Ardmore Beautification Council started investigating the needs, only four months remained until the health department’s open house in March.

Early on, the decision was made to go with quality, water-efficient, low-maintenance landscaping called xeriscaping. A drip irrigation system was installed and 17 large boulders were put in place before any planting began. Nine mature Crape Myrtle shrubs were transferred to site from another site that was about to be torn up by construction. To that mix was added various types of grasses and 14 Andorra Junipers.

The result, completed on time, earned applause when a speaker at the open house quipped, “It sure doesn’t look like Winn Dixie!” Indeed, a large, dilapidated, empty building had been turned into a handsome and serviceable place that would benefit the entire community. The skill of the Ardmore Beautification Council in getting various entities to join together was evident when the total tab for the landscape improvements barely topped three thousand dollars. 

Excellent partnerships, low costs, and creative choices in landscaping and irrigation gave a shot in the arm to the entrance to the Carter County Health Department and that’s a mega-dose of good news for Oklahoma.