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2005 - Government Program Award - Environmental Impact - City of Stillwater - E-Waste Recycling

Accepting for Stillwater (L to R): Doug Gable and 2005 Mayor Bud Lacy
Control, Alt, Delete. This past May, the City of Stillwater rebooted its trailblazing E-Waste Recycling event for the second time, collecting not only computer-related hardware, but also almost every king of home electronic item from CD players and stereo speakers to typewriters and small appliances.

E-Waste refers to electronics waste and those items are responsible for 70 percent of the heavy metals found in landfills these days. Knowing that over three-quarters of all computers ever bought are still stored, the Stillwater Water Utilities Department recognized that now was the time to divert this waste stream.

Working with Envirosolve of Tulsa, the five-hour, well-publicized event collected nearly 26-thousand pounds of e-waste and loaded out two tractor-trailer trucks. Volunteers also provided each participant with information about additional recycling opportunities in the area, expanding the reach of services.

Our judges enthusiastically hailed it as a progressive project and a great town model for approaching a new and significant waste management issue. For so successfully merging public and private partnerships to help delete a serious environmental challenge, Stillwater’s E-Waste Recycling event is high voltage good news for Oklahoma’s landfills.