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2005 - Individual Achievement - Education & Promotion - Kelley Conaghan

It’s amazing to consider, sometimes, just how much one very determined individual can accomplish when their heart is in their task. Tonkawa’s Kelly Conaghan is one such special individual.

When Northern Oklahoma College hired her 15 years ago, most people saw a campus whose grounds clearly had been neglected. Kelley, however, saw great potential for restoring it to its former beauty and has been successfully doing just that ever since, even turning the college’s botanical gardens into an enticing arboretum. But her work hasn’t stopped at her workplace.

This Master Gardener also sponsors a group of Junior Master Gardeners, offers assistance to numerous outdoor classroom projects, helps to create memorial gardens throughout the city, and – as a personal community service project – has taken on the beautification of downtown Tonkawa.

The local Chamber of Commerce has named her Citizen of the Year. Our judges have called her “exceptional.” And we concur, adding that Kelly Conaghan’s green thumb is thumbs-up good news for Oklahoma schools, youth groups and all of Tonkawa.