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2005 - Nonprofit Organization Award - Education & Promotion - Ardmore Beautification Council

Accepting for the Ardmore Beautification Council: Norma-Lynne Paschall, Executive Direcor and KOB Board Member Rick Ewing

Nonprofit Organization Award (annual budget more than $100,00) for Education & Promotion - Ardmore Beautification Council

One of the most arduous tasks faced by most nonprofit organizations is the development of a budget. The Ardmore Beautification Council, however, has turned it into a golden opportunity to educate and better involve its board members in the budget process with what it calls a “recipe for success.” 

The first part of the recipe came in the form of one-paragraph descriptions of each project of the previous year, including who had worked on it and how much had been budgeted. Board members received information about newly proposed projects before being asked to consider personal involvement on one or two project committees in the coming year.  

After a month of developing and projecting budgets with their committees, the trustees then were asked to suggest new projects they’d like to see developed. Stirred together, the recipe became the organization’s annual budget and its program of work. Gone was complacency and in its place was a knowledgeable group of ambassadors, better equipped to recruit new volunteers and funding sources. 

Our judges called the recipe for success a very creative solution for board lethargy that was well executed. The Ardmore Beautification Council, with its administrative acumen and excellent example, continues to cook up good news for beautification groups across Oklahoma.