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2005 - Youth Award - Ages 12-15 - Oklahoma Knights Basketball Team, OKC

Acccepting for OK Knights Basketball Team are the coach and members of the team
Our next Environmental Excellence award winner is a great example of a win-win-win situation. When three different business groups with Oklahoma City’s Adopt a Street program discovered difficulties in carving out the time for cleanups four times a year, they hit a goldmine of an idea with an inner-city basketball team of teenage boys.

The Oklahoma Knights are a fierce team of competitive basketball players who seem to bring home the first place trophy more often than not. The team needed funds to help pay for travel expenses to out-of-town tournaments, entry fees and even basketball shoes. With the funds now generated for covering the cleanup responsibilities of the trio business concerns, the team is able to do many things previously out of its financial reach.

The teens are learning about working hard for the things they want. The businesses benefit from their regularly cleaned streets. And the community is a better place because everyone works together to accomplish goals.

Our judges noted that this was a very clever idea. For teaming up to get the job done and developing environmental stewardship along the way, the Oklahoma Knights basketball team is a three-point shot of good news for Oklahoma’s litter-free streets.