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2006 - County Government Program - Keep Bryan County Beautiful, Durant

When a task force unanimously decided that addressing the litter problem was the most important goal in Bryan County, the wheels were set into motion that would lead to the creation of Keep Bryan County Beautiful this past January.

Led by Division 2 Transportation Commissioner James Dunegan, a small group of citizens established the organizational structure for KB-CB and became its executive board of directors.  The structure also cleverly ensured that each district of the county would be represented on the board.

Among the early efforts of the group was working towards a goal of using inmates to provide permanent cleanup and maintenance crews for the county.  In April, KB-CB joined forces with Durant’s Beautification Council to carry out a highly successful county-wide clean-up.

The judges applauded the solid foundation of the group, adding that “many great things are certain to come from its efficient structure.”

Keep Bryan County Beautiful, your early excellence as a group is a guiding inspiration to others looking for a strong start-up model, so tonight we salute you!