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2006 - Educational Institution Award - Beautification & Landscaping - Northwestern State Univers

The transformation of an area as large as a college campus cannot be completed in just a year.  In Alva, they’ve been working on improving the inviting and tranquil look to the campus of Northwestern State University for several years and many goals were reached during the past school year.

A grant from the Urban and Community Forestry Council was used to buy 44 trees which were strategically placed to enhance several highly visible areas.  Also, to adorn the entrances of seven campus buildings, several large flowerpots with various flowering and vining plants were carefully situated.

These improvements and others have generated many compliments from students, the community and our judges, who commended the project planners for creating a great impact from a modest investment.

Northwestern State University, for your excellence in beautification and landscaping, you are an inspiration to campuses across Oklahoma, and tonight we salute you!