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2006 - Exceptional Merit - Youth (up to the age of 13) - Peary Camp Fire Clubs, Tulsa

When the 60 kids who comprised the three Camp Fire Clubs at Peary Elementary School in Tulsa went to work to cleanup Tulsa, they produced stunning results on several fronts.

They removed 400 pounds of debris from four sites while they nurtured flowers and vegetables at the school's garden.  They also recycled almost four tons of paper, and hundreds of pounds of clothing and plastics.  Along the way, they received a total of $3,000 in grants and 2,000 fleece jackets to be given to the disadvantaged.

Our first Exceptional Merit Award for 2006 goes to the children and advisors of the Peary Camp Fire Clubs for teaching all of us about environmental stewardship by their shining examples.