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2006 - Local Government Program - Beautification & Landscaping - City of OKC: NeighborWoods Prog

Often, due to lack of resources, the very areas of a city that most need help with enhancing an urban forest are the least likely to get that help.  Also, it can be difficult to match local sponsors who will purchase trees with those neighborhoods.  The City of Oklahoma City attacked those challenges head-on almost exactly a year ago with its first NeighborWoods project, one of just a handful in Oklahoma. 

The Helm Farm and the Douglas Edgemere neighborhoods were selected for the program’s tree plantings because the trees there were declining from age, the canopy was sparse and the modest incomes of the residents meant few could purchase front yard trees. 

With volunteers doing the plantings for those unable to do it themselves, 175 trees were established in the targeted areas.

“This is an impressive restoration program with many side benefits, not the least of which is renewed neighborhood pride,” noted one of our judges. 

Oklahoma City Planning Department, the excellence you demonstrated in designing and implementing the city’s first NeighborWoods project is an inspirational lesson on urban forestry for cities everywhere, and we salute you!