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2006 - Local Government Program - Environmental Improvement - City of Muskogee Public Works

While many communities have been frantically playing “catch-up” to implement federally-mandated storm water drainage programs, the City of Muskogee has been helping to show the way by collaborating with a variety of groups and resources.

A partnership was established with the County Cooperative Extension Service to establish a Blue Thumb program to educate the public about keeping water resources clean.  Volunteers have been marking storm drains to remind citizens to consider their lawns, storm drains and bar ditches as if they were the banks of the nearest waterway.

An ongoing 11-month clean-up program provides curbside pick-up of bulky items, with volunteer organizations assisting those who need help moving their items.  This is in addition to operating a recycling center, collecting household hazardous wastes and sponsoring six free dump days each year.

The mayor of nearby Tahlequah has praised the initiative and public education efforts of the City of Muskogee, adding that key information is shared freely with other communities. 

City of Muskogee Public Works Department, for your excellence of foresight and sharing, and for being a true help and inspiration to towns of all sizes throughout the state, tonight we salute you!