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2006 - Nonprofit Organization Award - Education & Promotion - Sustainable Tulsa

Nonprofit Organization Award (annual budget less than $100,000) for Education & Promotion - Sustainable Tulsa

For Oklahomans wanting to live a “greener”, more sustainable life, it isn’t always easy to find the necessary resources.  That’s why a group called Sustainable Tulsa went to work to document Tulsa’s many groups, businesses, events, products and services that deal with quality of life and environmental stewardship.

The final product, The Tulsa Area Green Directory, grew to include more than 700 entries in 160 specific categories.  The 130-page directory also educates people about responsible economic and environmental practices.  And, at the cost of just one dollar, it was an immediate best seller, with many people buying a dozen, TWO dozen copies to give away to friends and family.

“Tulsans are so fortunate to have this incredible resource at their fingertips,” crowed one of our judges.  Another said the team effort to create the directory was astounding.

Sustainable Tulsa, your excellence in serving the public through The Tulsa Area Green Directory is an inspiration and ideal model for every community to emulate, and tonight we salute you!