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2006 - Youth Award - 13-18 Years of Age - Washita County 4-H Club, Cordell

It’s no wonder that many of the members of the Washita County 4-H Club have received leadership scholarships to attend college.  These kids seemingly have been working non-stop to transform the appearance and environmental outlook of their county by their deeds and their words.

The 4-H-er’s activities have included coordinating clean-ups in five communities, conducting well water assessments, recording details about illegal dumpsites throughout the county and then creating two brochures, two PowerPoint presentations, an education program and a speaker’s notebook about the sites.  The result is an impressive wave of impact that goes well beyond the 300 4-H members.

Our judges had very high praise for how the students effectively used the media and other public education resources to influence the behavior of others.  One judge neatly summarized their work by saying, “They’ve studied the problems and skillfully attacked them at their roots.”

For excellence demonstrated in project after project, and for inspiring an entire county to be better environmental stewards, Washita County 4-H Club, we salute you!