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2007 - Champion Volunteer Award - Susie Shields

Her mantra these days is “live small,” and she does … by downsizing her home, driving a hybrid car, moving
closer to work, eating local food, conserving energy and water, buying carbon offsets.  She may be leaving a smaller
footprint on the planet, but she!s leaving a huge impact on its people.

Susie Shields, a career educator, was ready to seek new challenges when she left the classrooms behind in 1991.  
At the urging of a friend, she joined the Sierra Club and volunteered to attend and report on the “Trash and Trees”
conference presented by Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and ODOT.  

It was at this event that she ?rst heard presentations by Fenton Rood about solid waste, Joanne Orr about the
effects of litter, Cheryl Cheadle about the Blue Thumb program … and several others.  Susie says that was when she knew
what she was put on earth to do.

She never stopped feeling that way, and has never stopped working to make things happen.  Through a series of
events, Susie eventually became the environmental education coordinator for Oklahoma!s DEQ – a position she still holds

But her good works don!t stop with her job.  In her spare time, she has founded, directed, or been a major player
in the formation of important organizations such as the Oklahoma Association for Environmental Education, the Oklahoma
Recycling Association, the Oklahoma Sustainability Network, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, and the Sierra Club.

Today, you!ll ?nd Susie focusing primarily on sustainability issues and teaching – always teaching – as she
continues to follow her heart.  Susie Shields! passion for the planet has become her vocation, and that has opened
opportunities for her to give more of her personal time and resources to the causes and issues that mean so much to her.

That, in anyone!s book, is a recipe for happiness.  We're very proud to present this ?rst-ever Champion Volunteer
Award to a former board president of KOB, of the Sierra Club, of the OKAEE, of OKRA, and simply always a volunteer for
improving our planet …. Ms. Susie Shields!