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2008 - Best Overall Effort in 2008 ODOT Trash Off - The Town of Leon H.C.E. & Volunteer Fire Dep

It seems the Trash-Off judges and the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful judges were in agreement this year that the people of Leon really know how to clean up …. both the town and the awards! One of Leon’s keys to success was an informative brochure they developed that not only described the community cleanup events, but also mentioned a free lunch for volunteers, free childcare and free trees and shrubbery for planting. It even educated the public about the most commonly littered item, cigarette butts. With 18 miles of streets and roadways cleaned, a hundred new trees planted, and more than 300 pounds of aluminum and steel recycled, the people of Leon also cleared up their pets with a dog dip to reduce the flea and tick problem. The 98 citizens of Leon (and those extra ten interlopers!) are shining example for the rest of Oklahoma!

Accepting for Leon (L to R): Kay Brintle, Sue Blattner